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Ball valves for heat industry

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Ball valves for heat industry



The ball valves are steel stop valves intened to be used to fully close or fully open the flow of medium conveyed. The valves can not be used for flow throttle or flow control purposes. Special types of these ball valves have been developed for flow control purposes. Owing to their features, the ball valves can satisfy the duty of a shutting element in any heating plant system such as:

-heating plant main pipeline routes,

-heating pipeline crossings,

-heat exchanger stations

and wherever a faultless and long-term operation is required, such as in hot water or natural gas conveyance systems working.

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Working medium

-hot water and medium of group 2( water, air, gas) in the following conditions: a pressure less than 4.0 Mpa and temperature less than+200℃( depending on the pressure temperature diagram)

-natural gas and medium at a temperature within the range from -30℃ to +60℃(GAS design)

-stem at a temperature to +250℃( on request up to 300℃)




-electric actuator

-pneumatic actuator

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