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Centric Butterfly Valve

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Centric Butterfly Valve


The butterfly valves designed to open or close the flow of the medium conveyed. If used for control purposes, the tightness of the closure can not be guaranteed, The butterfl valve design offers a wide range of the valve application. The valve can be used in sewage treatment plants, water treatment plant, heating systems, industrial processes where liquid and gaseous media are conveyed, the gas industry, the petrochemical industry and after an arrangement with the supplier in other fields

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Working medium

-waste and service water (containing particles of size up to 3mm)

-drinking water

-hot water of a temperature up to 130 ℃

-non-aggressive liquids and gases

Technical description

The butterfly valve is a bidirectional valve. The valve bore and flange surfaces are lined by a rubber liner.


The valves are tested according to EN 12266, ISO5208 – shell test, hydrostatic test.


-Hand lever

switching from the “open” position to the “closed” position is carried out by turning the hand lever through

0° to 90°; it is possible to set the hand lever at end positions and interpositons;

Manual gear

manual gear actuation is always recommended for a dimension within the range from DN200 to DN1000.

For small dimensions (DN40 to DN150), the manual gear can be used to make the valve control easier.

-Electric actuator

-Pneumatic actuator

-Remote control, extended control

this type of control is suitable in poorly accessible rooms or where a required control level must to be kept;

remote control can be carried out by using a hand lever, manual gear, electric actuator or pneumatic actuator;

Since the choice of an actuator type and equipment depends on operating parameters, it has to be consulted

with the supplier.

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