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Gate Valve

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Gate Valve


Gate valves are isolating valves designed for full closing or opening of working media flow.

If the gate valves are used for regulating or throttling purposes, the manufacturer does not

guarantee tightness of the gate.


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3-1-1-gate-feat-cutaway  gate

Working medium

Water, non-corrosive liquids, steam, air, gases of group 1 and 2, petroleum and petroleum products.

Connection to piping

-flanged ends -according to EN1092-1, ASME B16.5 and B16.47 or GOST,

face-to-face dimensions are according to EN 558, ASME B16.10 or GOST

-welded ends- according to EN 12627 or ASME B16.25,

face-to-face dimension are according to EN 12982

The gate valve can be with other flanges and face -to -face dimensions or with welding ends.


The gate valves are delivered with a handwheel, a manual bevel gear, an electric actuator or bare

stem ready for connection to an actuator, The standard connecting dimensions for connection to

a manual gear or an electric actuator .


Pressure tests are water in compliance with EN12266-1, API 598, GOST 9544, leakage rates are

in compliance with Technical Delivery Conditions.

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