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Presure Seal Check valve

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Presure Seal Check valve


The check valves are self-acting and fast-closing valves which prevent a working medium from flowing back in a pipeline. They are used in order to prevent from backflow the pumps, fans etc. The check valve is not a shut-off valve.

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Working medium

Water, air, steam and other non-aggressive liquids and gases. The fluid flow direction may be onlyfrom one side of the valve. The fluid flow direction is marked with an arrow on the valve body.

Connection to piping

-flanged ends acc. to EN1092-1 or ASME B16.5

face to face dimension acc. to EN 558 or acc. to API S pec 6D

-welded ends acc. to EN 12627 or ASME B16.25

face to face dimension acc. to EN 12989 or acc. to API S pec 6D


-possibility to mount into vertical and horizontal piping

-low pressure loss

-fabricated design, which allows us flexibility

-maintenance free and long service life

-one-piece body

-minimization of water hammer



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