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Strainer is a device which provides a means of mechanically removing solids from a flowing fluid

by utilizing a perforated or wire mesh straining element, Strainers are an inexpensive means of

protecting downstream mechanical equipment such as condensers, heat exchangers, pumps, co-

mpressors, meters, spray nozzles, turbines, steam traps, etc. from possible damage due to debris

such as rust, pipe scale, sediment, and / or other solids.

Design Feature

-Y or T-Pattern

-Bolted cover

-Drain Plug

-Stainless steel screen

-Flange or B W Ends.

Products Range:

Size:   2″~20″

Rating:  ANSI 150lb~600lb

Body Materials: Cast steel, Stainless steel

Screen Material:  304, 316


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